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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at The Image Flow, we offer something for everyone, whether you need some focused training with your camera, or you’re ready to pursue a portfolio passion project. From shooting to software, we offer courses in everything you need to learn photography and start creating your best work — for adults and kids. Each class description will highlight any required equipment and the best personal skill level for you to get the most from the workshop

We offer classes in the fine arts that will stand on their own. Often times they also may be used as a way to present your photography in a new and unique way. All of our instructors are well regarded professionals in their field.

Yes. We offer personal photography lessons tailored to your specific interests and technical needs. Our imaging experts are well equipped to assist you with the photographic process, from in-camera shooting and digital camera lessons to post-processing and file organization techniques. No matter your skill level, we’ll work on what’s important to you. Our private photography lessons are available to both teens and adults at a rate of $120 per hour. You can learn more here>>